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History of Thornton Consulting

In 2019, Thornton Consulting was pleased to announce the completion of a management buyout and appointment of a new Board of Directors, following the retirement of founder Stephen Thornton.

The Directors are Sam Audsley, Wendy Belding & Simon Thompson, who collectively have more than 60 years experience within the business.

The company was established in 1986 by Stephen Thornton and a year later he set up Leaktector which specialised in electronic testing for leaks in flat roof waterproofing membranes.  Leaktector has since become synonymous with electronic leak detection in the UK, whilst the service has since extended into investigating leaks anywhere in buildings and construction.

Electronic leak detection of waterproofing membranes was pioneered at this time on a large building development in London and was established as a mode of confirming integrity in roof and structural waterproofing membranes to be preferred over the much more cumbersome and time consuming flood testing.  This was a world first which has since become the industry standard.

Thornton Consulting Commercial Buildings Leak Detection