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Discovering leakage in your basement is always an unpleasant experience! It is a common occurrence in many homes and it doesn’t imply that he home was not built well or that some extraordinary catastrophe has taken place. In fact, any type of basement can spring leaks! Here we have featured the real reasons behind a basement leak and various basement leak detection methods in UK.

Non-structural Wall Cracks

The most common cause of leaking basement is non-structural wall cracks and can be found almost anywhere on the wall although they often emanate from window and utility openings.

Hydrostatic Pressure

It’s a fancy term to refer to the downward pull of gravity. Hydrostatic pressure is considered as the primary reason for a leaky basement. As the pressure builds, it can force the moisture through existing cracks and holes in your foundation. This pressure also creates new cracks and will force the moisture downward, and into your basement if you don’t have an alternate route for it to travel through.

Sump Pump Failure

Sump pumps are designed to collect water and pull it away from the home. If there is a failure in your sump pump, water will accumulate and potentially flood your basement.

Basement Leak Testing

Basement and cellar leaks are notoriously difficult to locate and resolve. Here are a few basement leak detection tests in UK to locate basement leaks accurately.

  • Hose Test
  • Infra-Red Thermography Diagnostics
  • Moisture Path Analysis
  • Internal Moisture Profiling and more.