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Bespoke Tests for Water Leak Detection

Not many leak problems are identical and we often have to deal with situations where little or nothing is known about the construction, as a result of which we have to work blind. Additionally, some parts of the structure combine many elements or products into a single mass. This can combine to eliminate some or all currently used technologies from the investigative process.

When all else fails, the client is still left with the problem, so an answer has to be found. With decades of experience in the industry we have become adept at coming up with bespoke tests for water leak detection to address a particular situation. Under such circumstances, we will work as far as we can with the client to develop test or monitoring processes.

One such method involves statistical analysis of water leak patterns under different simulated weather conditions. It can also mean talking to the occupants, from which a surprising amount of detail can be gleaned!

Finally, the trained eye can identify a potential problem point, which is then tested.

Leak Detection for Leaking Roof, Wall or Basement