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We were recently appointed to undertake our buildings leak investigations service to a commercial building in the centre of Birmingham, close to New Street Station and the Bull Ring.

The building was constructed circa 1960 and had undergone renovation approximately 10 years ago. Leaks had been in evidence for several years and had continued despite attempts, by others, to undertake remedial repairs. The roof system was of a warm construction with exposed pvc (single ply) waterproofing.

The first phase of most buildings leak investigations is to determine the integrity of the waterproofing. Since the membrane on this roof was exposed, electronic leak detection was undertaken using the pinhole (holiday) method. This high voltage test method is ideally suited to waterproofing membranes of this type as it is highly accurate and can locate the smallest of breaches, some of which would not be picked up by the naked eye alone.

More than 70 breaches were indicated in the membrane to this roof, some of which were large splits and open laps and corresponded with internal leaks. Localised simulated rainfall testing to some of the breaches resulted on water ingress internally, confirming that they were a source of some of the leaks.

There were a number of different sources to leaks on this roof, therefore, our test team used their experience to establish other points of water ingress into the structure. These included parapet capping, service penetrations and cladding, all of which were confirmed as contributing to the leaks by a process of positive testing.

We have a number of different electronic leak detection test techniques at our disposal and often it is as important to prove part of the structure is not leaking as well as finding the actual source. This is important as it allows resources to be targeted in the correct way and can also be particularly useful on new build projects where the main contractor has to resolve a leak expeditiously and ensure repairs are undertake by the appropriate sub-contractor. Our comprehensive independent report, issued for all leak investigation surveys, will accurately recount findings accordingly.

For further information on our Building Leak Investigation Service, please contact our office on 01342 410508, or use the Contact Form