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Building Leak Investigations – Working at Height

By August 17, 2022No Comments

The safety of our colleagues is our highest priority and due to the nature of our building leak investigations work on roofs and buildings, it is paramount that our work can be conducted in a safe working environment.

Safe access to the work location is essential, whether it be for Electronic Leak Detection of waterproofing membranes or Building Leak Investigations. With the latter, access may be required to areas of the building other than the roof as leaks can originate from many different parts of the structure.

It essential to use the safest means of access to reach elevated parts of a building. This could be by Mobile Elevated Working Platform (MEWP) or scaffold. Sometimes these solutions are not practical in which case the use of a mobile access tower may be more suitable.

Our site team are trained in the construction and use of mobile towers and have completed the PASMA (prefabricated access suppliers and manufacturers association) course. The course provides information on:

  • Work at height regulations
  • British and European standards
  • Requirements for inspection and maintenance
  • Tower construction and dismantling of the most common methods (3T and advanced guardrail)
  • Precautions and hazards in the use of a tower.

A mobile tower has some advantages over other access methods. A MEWP, for example, can require a larger area to be set up and can have some limitations depending on the size of the machine.

A mobile tower, however, can be useful when investigating building leaks where access is not possible with a large machine. The tower can also be constructed and dismantled relatively quickly and fit into smaller spaces enabling the work to be completed efficiently.

There are of course some limitations to a mobile tower, in particular the height which they can be erected, in which case other more suitable means of access must be used, such as a full scaffold tower.

In the course of our work in building leak investigations we will need to use all access methods from time to time and use our experience to advise our clients which is the safest and most suitable method to conduct our work.

If you have a building leak that requires investigation where access appears to be challenging, we would be happy to help. Please contact our office on 01342 410508 for more information.