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Buildings Leak Investigations Somerset

By August 5, 2022No Comments

Another successful Buildings Leak Investigations project  by Thornton Consulting!

We were recently appointed by a Property Owner to undertake Buildings Leak Investigations to establish the source and cause of numerous leaks at a Hotel in Somerset.  Leaks can occur in buildings of all ages and this particular project had only been completed within the last 2 years. It was, therefore, important to ensure the source of all leaks were accurately located so that repairs could be undertaken by the appropriate contractor.

This five-story building comprised a concrete frame with metal clad facades, glazing and single ply waterproofing to the roof. Leaks were being experienced over a number of floors, but primarily at window heads to the ground floor.  Electronic leak detection of the main roof waterproofing quickly established this as preforming satisfactorily so investigations could be targeted elsewhere.

Due to the location of some of the leaks, a mobile elevated platform (MEWP) was used for safe access. A methodical approach was then undertaken to identify items which could contribute to leaks and tests undertaken accordingly. A series of simulated rainfall tests were then conducted to various items to the façade to confirm the source of each leak by a process of positive testing. It became apparent that a number of similar issues were the contributing factor to leaks throughout the building.

Following completion of our Buildings Leak Investigation work, a full report of our findings is issued to our client detailing all items identified as contributing to leaks and any additional items of concern which should be addressed. This is accompanied by any relevant drawings identifying areas tested or pertinent test results.

We undertake our Buildings Leak Investigations & Electronic Leak Detection Services throughout the UK. If you would like further information on these, or any of our other services, please contact us on 01342 410508 for further information or visit our website