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With the advance in technology, data centres are becoming more prevalent and like any building are not immune to leaks.  Due to the sensitive nature of the equipment in these buildings it is critical that operators of the facilities are proactive in ensuring the integrity of the structure.  Thornton Consulting have a number of clients across the UK with such facilities and we offer a variety of electronic leak detection services to mitigate water ingress issues.

In Data Centres it is a priority to minimise water ingress into the building at the outset, but like many commercial buildings the roof can also function as a plant area so the possibility of damage by passing trades servicing or maintaining equipment is ever present. It is important that this risk is managed and Thornton Consulting can support your business in that regard.

We offer a number of electronic leak detection services which can be used either individually or combined to suit our customers’ particular requirements:

Electronic Test of Waterproofing Membrane

The electronic test identifies breaches in the waterproofing membrane. The test is very sensitive and can detect items which would be barely visible to the naked eye. This is useful as breaches detected from the test can be repaired before they develop into bigger issues which could ultimately result in internal leaks.

Building Leak Investigations

If you currently have a leak into the building, it is a priority to resolve this as quickly as possible. Thornton Consulting’s leak detection services combines a number of different test techniques to positively locate the source of a leak. A report will be issued on our findings providing pertinent information for resolution of the leak.

Planned Roof Inspection & Maintenance

This service is aimed at preventing leaks before they occur as far as practicably possible by undertaking proactive testing, inspection and maintenance. This is generally undertaken on an annual or bi-annual basis and, depending or client requirements, can include:

  • Electronic test of waterproofing membrane
  • Technical audit of the roof
  • Recommendations for repairs, where necessary
  • Roof cleaning service

Regular roof inspections and maintenance not only mitigates the chance of internal leaks but can also extend the serviceable life of the roof. It also offers peace of mind for operators of data centres and similar critical infrastructure that the roof is performing as required and allows for planning of a programme of repairs or maintenance where necessary, ensuring the roof remains watertight.

If you would like further information on any of our services, please contact our office on 01342 410508, or use the Contact Form to get in touch