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What You Should Know About Flat Roof Leak Detection

What You Should Know About Flat Roof Leak Detection

From commercial, institutional to industrial roofs, flat roofs are found everywhere! According to a recent report, thousands of millions of square feet of flat roof are installed each year. When it comes to the building maintenance plan, roofs are the ones that often get overlooked and the only time that gets a proper attention is when it leaks. In fact, 45% of all new roofs develop serious problems within one year of installation. So, flat roof leak detection in UK is highly recommended to make sure that there are no hidden cracks that can cause severe problems.

Common Problems – what you should know about flat roof leak detection

The common sources of roof problems are,

  • Poor workmanship – 50%
  • Poor design – 20%
  • 15% – Poor maintenance – 15%
  • 10% – Material failures – 10%

Compared to other types of roofing, flat roofs are highly susceptible to leaks and water damage. When the leak occurs, it diminishes the R-value of the ceiling’s insulation and adds more heating and cooling costs to a building.

Leak Testing

There are several new procedures and advancements in flat roof leak detection in UK. Among all the procedures, electronic testing is considered to be the most valuable survey to locate the leaks accurately. This method is also called as wet test method because it relies on the electrically conductive properties of water and uses the fact that most membranes are insulators.

In this method, first water is sprayed over the roof and a trace cable is laid around the perimeter of the roof to create an electric field. The test simply identifies pulsed electric fields of microscopic proportions and homes in on the source with an extremely sensitive meter.

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