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Leak Detection in Windows and Glazing Systems, Including Doors & Atriums

Leak detection in Windows and Glazing systems has many potential causes, including the wrong type of glazing system for a particular application, general deterioration or defects in the junction between glazing and sections and other structural elements, such as cavity walls.

Defects in glass and glazing systems, plus other elements such as door frames, can often result in building leaks, which are then interpreted incorrectly as roof leaks.

Where we come upon a new system that we have not investigated before, we will undertake the necessary researches with the supplier and, if available, the cladding contractor.  The tried and tested principle is to identify suspect points and then prove them via positive testing.

Once the source has been determined, it is vital to ensure that rectification is targeted to the defective component. We provide a full advisory service in this respect, such as discussing the problem with those involved, preparing specifications where required, supervising remedial works, testing the repairs, etc.

Unltrasound Testing for Leak Detection