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Fitness Centres Specialist Leak Detection Services

At Thornton Consulting, we offer specialist leak detection services for fitness centres and have investigated leaks from a number of fitness centres over the years, in the process identifying many different problem points.

Fitness centre leaks can pose particular problems for building managers.  Problems can be varied and complex and result from faults in pools, drainage gullies, waterproofing to shower areas, steam rooms, etc. When they occur, the occupants below can be seriously affected by the effects.

Investigations into the leak source  normally requires an initial consultancy visit, requiring inspection above and below, as it is essential to gain as deep an understanding as possible of design and construction in the fitness area.

The next step is to develop a progressive test regime, in which we have gained considerable expertise over the years.

Please refer to our section on wet rooms for more information.

Fitness Centre Leak Detection