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Leak Detection in Process (Factory) Floors

Leak detection in process (factory) floors is required in many factories where liquids are processed or water is used, structural floors above ground or basement level must be waterproof. This can be achieved by application of a proprietary membrane system below the finished floor.  Alternatively, ceramic tiling or polymeric floor coverings might be regarded as the waterproof system.

Some liquids and chemicals, especially if associated with high temperature, can result in particularly aggressive conditions causing erosion in the waterproofing or joint sealants.  Service penetrations also present potential for water ingress.

At Thornton Consulting, we have considerable expertise in leak detection in process (factory) floors and in establishing not only where, but also why, leaks occur and we are able to carry out a wide range of tests and inspections to that end.

We will be pleased to discuss your process (factory) floor leak problem.  Please feel free to phone us on +44 (0) 1342 410508 for an initial consultation, completely without obligation.

Process (Factory) Floor Leak Detection - Thornton Consulting