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Expert Leak Detection in Wet Rooms & Shower Areas

These can relate to fitness centre showers and steam rooms, swimming pool shower areas, multi-storey apartment blocks, even top-end houses with integral pools, etc. When leaks occur the problems below can be serious and prolonged, so it is important that they are resolved as quickly as possible.

At Thornton Consulting, we have developed expertise in investigating leaks through wet floors without being overly intrusive (i.e. we try as far as possible not to disrupt the floor areas unless and until it becomes totally necessary, preferring instead to employ non-destructive test techniques in the first instance).

The process would normally commence with a consultative visit to discuss the problems, inspect the areas above and below to determine a relationship between them and peruse any drawings or specifications that may be to hand.

Once the problem has been established, the cause and extent needs to be determined before remedial works can be specified. To that end, we provide a consultancy service to discuss, analyse and develop remedial solutions in conjunction with the client.

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Leak Detection in Wet Rooms & Showers
Leak Detection - Wetrooms & Showers