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Leak Detection Services – Proven Electronic Leak Detection

We have extended our services over the years to include investigations into leaks through walls, glazing, basements, podiums, car parks, etc. and are widely recognized as the industry leaders in that respect.

We also investigate leaks from other sources, such as pipes, groundwater, building services and equipment.

The cause of such leaks can be simple or complex and we have learnt from experience that there is often no easy solution in tracing them. We combine the benefit of our experience with state of-the-art test and scanning equipment to locate the source , whether it is simply holes in the waterproofing membrane or complex problems hidden within the structure.

We make the investigations to be as non-intrusive as possible, thus making our work both cost-effective and efficient

Back in the late 1980’s, we at Thornton Consulting¬†pioneered the concept of electronically testing to determine the integrity of installed waterproofing systems at the construction stage, thus ensuring they perform as designed.¬† We thus have many presigious sites to our name.