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Vision of Thornton Consulting Group:

Our vision is to pioneer roofing investigation and maintenance methods to significantly extend the lives of flat roofs, providing clients with a professional and cost effective service.

Mission: Our Approach

As a customer of Thornton Consulting Group, you will experience a courteous, knowledgeable and professional service.

We will help you identify options to solve or improve your situation by using our wealth of experience to address the specific problem efficiently with a well-informed practical solution.

When we visit your property, you will find our team to be on time, well prepared, and ready and willing to help you. The team member will display high standards of professionalism, smart appearance, and a genuine care for your situation.

Our staff are considerate to your work environment and will minimise interruption wherever possible. They will conduct an appropriate scale of investigation in a diligent and focused way. They will leave your property as we found it, or if possible better.

Once our assessment has been undertaken, we will produce a comprehensive and clear report that empowers you in making an informed decision on the best course of action. We can provide ongoing and support.

Through our range of Group services, we are able to provide you with bespoke solutions that will give you peace of mind and ongoing reassurance for the lifetime of your roof.

HV Pinhole Testing for Roof Leak Detection