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Roof leaks can be a frustrating and costly problem for property owners. Not only can they cause damage to the structure of the building, they can also lead to internal damage and damp problems and also comprose air quality in some circumtsances due to mould growth. Locating the source of a roof leak is often a daunting task and without professional help, it becomes even more challenging. Thornton Consulting has a team of highly experienced field testers and consultants providing an accurate and efficient roof leak detection and investigation survey for clients throughout the UK and Ireland.

Any damage occurring in flat roofs won’t be visible from ground level and the old adage ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is an ill-advised practice, often resulting in rapid deterioration and the potential necessity to replace the entire roof cover. One of the primary reasons why roof leaks are difficult to locate without professional intervention is their elusive nature. Water has a tendency to travel along various paths, making pinpointing the exact entry site problematic. It might enter through damaged waterproofing, a crack in the flashing, or even through a tiny gap in sealant surrounding a window frame, for example.

Once water has penetrated the building envelope it can also migrate laterally through the structure across the roof deck or purlins, insulation or other elements of the structure, making it appear as if the leak originates from a different location altogether. This can result in a futile attempt by property owners, contractors or facilities management to search for the breach in the wrong area, wasting time and money without resolving the underlying issue.

Furthermore, roof leaks can be influenced by various external factors such as wind direction, weather conditions and the slope of the roof. Without professional expertise and the right equipment, it can be virtually impossible to accurately assess these complex dynamics.

With over 30 years of experience, Thornton Consulting can perform thorough inspections, identify any hidden areas of damage and employ non-destructive testing techniques such as electronic leak detection of waterproofing membranes, moisture profiles of the roof or  internal surfaces and thermal imaging to identify the precise source of the leak. By scheduling a diligent roof leak detection and investigation survey carried out by their skilled consultants, this will also benefit main contractors and architects by confirming the waterproofing is sound or any existing issues are resolved before the project is signed-off. This ensures a pro-active and cost-effective approach to protecting a valuable asset with peace of mind that the property is secure from water ingress.

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