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Roof leak detection is all about accurately locating a leak which has originated in the roof area of a property .  This can be notoriously difficult without professional expertise and the appropriate testing techniques and equipment. This is particularly relevant to expansive flat roofs, commonly found with large commercial or industrial buildings, residential blocks, car parks and hospitals. Identifying the source of water ingress can be a time-consuming and costly problem for property owners and facility management. Unresolved breaches in the roof waterproofing can result in both structural and interior damage as well as the potential for mould growth to compromise the air quality, adversely impacting on the health and safety of the occupants. Thornton Consulting is an independent test house, employing a team of highly experienced field testers and consultants committed to providing a timely, efficient and precise roof leak testing service and investigation survey for clients throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Flat roofs are susceptible to damage due to their exposure to the elements and as the area isn’t easily visible from ground level and often has limited access, any breaches occurring can go unnoticed for considerable length of time. Without professional intervention, roof leaks are primarily difficult to identify due to their deceptive nature. Locating the precise point of entry can be challenging, as water ingress is inclined to track along various pathways.

When water infiltrates the building envelope, its migration can travel in a lateral movement across the purlins or roof deck structure, insulation material or other elements, giving a false indication of the roof leak location. This can result in an ineffective and time-wasting attempts by to search for the breach in an area which is way-off from the ingress site, with no resolution to the underlying issue.

In addition, various external factors frequently impact on the condition and life-span of a flat roof, including the prevailing wind, extreme weather conditions and trafficking by trades requiring access to the roof. These are all complex dynamics and locating the precise point of entry of the roof leak requires professional competence, specialised equipment and the correct testing equipment. Without the necessary expertise and the right devices, it can be virtually impossible to accurately assess and resolve the source of the leak.

Over the past 30 years, Thornton Consulting has achieved a high reputation for providing clients with a comprehensive roof leak detection service, including roof condition surveys and roof leak detection. Non-destructive testing techniques to identify the exact origin of the leak, such as electronic leak detection of both new and established waterproofing membranes, roof or internal surfaces moisture profiling and thermal imaging. By scheduling a diligent roof leak detection and investigation survey carried out by their highly skilled team, main contractors, architects and facility managers have the reassurance that the waterproofing is secure or any existing issues can be resolved before the project’s final sign-off. This pro-active and cost-effective practice ensures the property is impervious to water ingress and your valuable asset is safeguarded and secure.

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