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Electronic testing of waterproofing membranes has become the UK standard for establishing the integrity of structural waterproofing and roof coverings since its introduction more than three decades ago.

Thornton Consulting was instrumental in introducing the technique to the UK and since then a number of other independent test houses have also become established.

Recently several leading companies within the industry came together to form RAWTA (Roofing and Waterproofing Test Association) of which Thornton Consulting was a founder member. The purpose of RAWTA is to ensure high standards of testing and integrity throughout the industry in both Electronic Leak Detection of waterproofing membranes and Building Leak Investigations.

RAWTA is “committed to assisting the roofing and waterproofing industries in raising standards by ensuring that installed systems are fully tested as far as can be reasonably expected”. In that regard the association aims to provide consistency of test quality across the industry and has written a strict code of practice for its members to adhere to, including principals of conduct and integrity. RAWTA considers it essential that all field operatives are experienced and competent to undertake their work and, as such, have been working with CITB to introduce a Level 3 NVQ qualification for the industry.

Since its inception RAWA has continued to attract members, with approved test houses now located throughout the UK.

At Thornton Consulting, we strive to offer a professional and knowledgeable service to our customers, with the highest standards of customer service and integrity. Being a membrane of RAWTA shows our commitment to these principals, ensuring our services of Electronic Leak Detection of Waterproofing Membranes and Building Leak Investigations are conducted to the highest standards.

Further information about the organisation can be found on their website

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