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Annual Roof condition surveys are an invaluable way of determining the current performance and potential longevity of a roof. This can form part of a planned maintenance programme for those responsible for the upkeep of a building or provide information on timescale for its replacement.

A roof is any part of building that protects the structure beneath from weather and rain in particular. In this regard a roof can be much more than just the top of the building and can include areas such as car parks & loadings bays to commercial buildings, for example.

Thornton Consulting have recently completed a Roof Condition Survey for a client who is responsible for the maintenance of a shopping centre in North London.  Leaks had previously been experienced into the shopping centre with the area above corresponding with the loading bay. There was a requirement to establish the source and cause of leaks by means of our Building Leak Detection service, but also undertake a Condition Survey of the entire loading bay to establish general performance, projected lifespan and areas where targeted repairs were required.

A condition Survey can be allied to other test procedures to establish the integrity of the waterproofing and performance of other elements of the structure.

These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Electronic Leak Detection of the waterproofing membrane.
  • Moisture scanning of the roof to establish any build-up of water or moisture on the deck or within the insulation.
  • Technical audit of items which could contribute to water ingress into the structure.
  • Core sampling for inspection of the insulation and substrate.

On completion of the survey a detailed report is produced for our client with all relevant information for the project, including projected lifespan, areas of concern and any other information relevant to the specific project. Where electronic leak detection has been undertaken, details of findings will be included and location of any breaches in the waterproofing located on a drawing.

If you would like further information about roof condition surveys or any of our other services, please contact our office on 01342 410508 or if preferred use the contact form.