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Differential Pressure Testing for Roof Leak Detection

Our Differential Pressure Testing of waterproofing membranes service was developed as an additional technique for roof leak detection when electronic testing is inappropriate or technically incorrect for a specific roof construction or membrane type, such as non-conductive timber deck or EPDM membrane.

This is a non-destructive test which operates by locally reducing pressure to an area of waterproofing membrane within a vacuum chamber, equivalent to a head of more than a 50mm of water under flood test. By drawing air through a surfactant applied over membrane laps, we can test them for integrity.

This test has become an invaluable tool in our range of techniques for integrity testing of newly installed waterproofing systems, offering our clients peace of mind that their roof is watertight. This service is regularly procured by roofers, main contractors and waterproofing manufacturers who understand the specific requirements for testing a roof where traditional electronic testing is not possible.

We have also adapted the process so our bespoke equipment can be used to test entire roof areas or vulnerable or critical sections of membrane. We first undertook this process at the GLA Building in London, where it was essential that the waterproofing was tested prior to installation of photovoltaic panels, which would have subsequently meant that the roof membrane would be permanently inaccessible once finished.

As with other electronic test methods, Differential Pressure Testing has replaced the need for flood testing in many circumstances and provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for roof leak detection.

Our Team are happy to discuss all your roof testing requirements with you and will be able to recommend the most appropriate test for a particular roof construction. We can provide our entire range of services throughout the UK, so please contact our office for more details.

Differential Pressure Testing