Electronic Leak Detection

Thornton Consulting was instrumental in the adoption of electronic leak detection of newly installed waterproofing membranes by the building industry in the 1980’s, when it was first used on the prestigious Broadgate project in the city of London.

Electronic Leak Detection, otherwise known as Electronic Integrity Testing of Waterproofing Membranes, is a non-destructive test used to determine the integrity of waterproofing systems as a whole which can locate any breaches therein.

The wet test method, otherwise known as earth leak detection or “Wet test” relies on the electrically conductive properties of water and the insulating properties of most membranes to be effective. The test simply identifies pulsed electric fields of microscopic proportions and homes in on the source with an extremely sensitive meter.

Electronic leak detection is useful in both new build situations where clients require the peace of mind the roof is watertight before completion of the project and also as a useful tool in locating water leaks existing buildings.

Please Note:

Electronic testing is not a catch-all test, even though it is often sold as such.  Certain membranes are incompatible, especially rubber, whilst the roof build-up or type of deck may not be responsive to test.  Please call us for advice if in doubt.