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Waterproof Integrity Testing

Integrity testing of newly installed waterproofing systems is an important process in the installation of a new roof to ensure the waterproofing is watertight and free from defects. Thornton Consulting were instrumental in the introduction of this service to the construction industry in the 1980’s.

The process involves electronic leak detection of the waterproof covering and is typically undertaken by one of two methods, depending on the roof build-up and waterproofing to be tested:

Both test methods rely on the electrically conductive properties of the substrate and insulating properties of the waterproofing for accurate detection of breaches and is suitable for most types of membranes. The test can be undertaken to both horizontal and vertical waterproofing, ensuring the entire roof is tested.

Waterproofing Integrity Testing is beneficial to roofers and main contractors alike and is often specified by waterproofing manufacturers as it ensures the waterproofing has been independently tested and is deemed watertight when a roof is completed. If defects or damage are identified from the electronic test, which is not uncommon on a busy building site, repairs can be affected immediately by the roofer and the area re-tested.

Waterproofing integrity testing is often a requirement prior to hand over of a roof to a main contractor but can also be undertaken at any point during project, giving peace of mind to all parties that the waterproofing is free from defects.

A test report and marked up plan will be issued for each roof and test area completed and a Certificate of Waterproofing Integrity (CWI) issued at completion of the project.

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Waterproof Integrity Testing

Waterproof Integrity Testing