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Infra Red Thermography

Infra Red Thermography is a process for measuring infra-red energy emitted from the surface of an object which is displayed on the IR camera as heat.
This is a very useful diagnostic method of establishing breaks in the insulation in buildings, as it detects temperature loss through wet or damaged insulation.  Where leaks occur, therefore, it can have a beneficial effect in tracing them.

It is a non-contact process which makes it particularly useful for locating heat loss/gain or moisture problems within the building envelope.

Commonly it is used to detect heat loss within a roof or wall structure which could indicate a problem with the insulation, whether it be damaged due to moisture uptake, for example, or missing entirely.

The information gleaned from such surveys can be used to pinpoint areas within the structure where further investigations are required.

Our site personnel conducting Infra-red Surveys are trained to ITC Category 1 Thermography, or higher.

Infra Red Thermography accurately measures surface temperatures, thus providing a real time condition survey against which future performance can be measured.

Typical uses to which it can be applied in buildings are:

  • Identification of roof leaks
  • Cold spots in the structure
  • Condensation risk in roofs,walls and floors
  • Loss of insulation in roofs and cavity wall insulation
  • Leaks in hot water pipes or underfloor heating circuits
  • Heat gain in cold stores
Infra Red Thermography - Leak Detection
Infra Red Thermography - Leak Detection
Factors to be considered in determining whether infra red thermography is the correct course of action include:

  • Is there sufficient temperature difference between inside and outside temperatures?
  • Is the insulation in the right place to be affected by a water leak?
  • Is the insulation of the type to be affected by water leaks (most are not)?
  • How safe will it be? (Many roof surveys have to be carried out by night to avoid the effects of infra red in sunlight)

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