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Pavement Lights Leak Detection

Pavement lights leak detection came about as in large cities it was often found useful to extend basement accommodation out beyond the building, often as far as the kerb line. Pavement lights were thus developed to give light into the area, whilst affording both waterproofing and a sturdy walking surface.

Pavement lights can present particular problems with water ingress into buildings, however, as the hardstanding above is often owned by the local authority, whilst the responsibility for it can remain with the occupier. A further factor is that utilities often break out pavements to install their services or feed pipes, cables, etc through walls, often unbeknown to the occupier. In the process they can damage the waterproofing, where it exists.

Pavement lights leak correction can be costly and expensive, as well as which a licence is normally required from the local authority for removal of pavement or roadway finishes. They also insist on standards for reinstatement, so a professional contractor has to be employed.

Before this course is entered into, Thornton Consulting can often provide pointers as to the location of the problem. In this way, it may be possible to carry out remedial works without the costly works described above. Alternatively, excavations can be kept to an absolute minimum.

Pavement Light Leak detection
Pavement Light Leak detection