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Flat Roof Leak Detection & Prevention – Over 30 years experience

We have been electronically testing flat roof coverings  for leaks in mastic asphalt, felt and single ply amongst others for over 30 years.

We also pioneered the concept of integrity testing in 1987, since when we have worked on major developments such as Broadgate and Canary Wharf in London, Bluewater and the latest Westfield Shopping Centres (plus a host of others).

In our time we have tested roofs to over 200 new Sainsbury stores, plus a large number of Tesco and other major supermarkets.

We are constantly developing new procedures to meet new challenges and will not test a membrane or roof system we consider to be incompatible.  Warm roofs, for example, particularly where the waterproofing is asphalt or concrete, do not lend themselves at all to electronic testing unless special measures are taken beforehand, on which Thornton Consulting can advise on request.

Electronic testing can also be a valuable aid in condition surveys of existing roofing stocks,  thus enabling repairs to be accurately targeted and potentially prolonging the life of the roof.

Charlie Luxton is an architect who has presented a number of TV shows focusing on modern design and sustainable development. His current project “Charlie Luxton Builds a Home” is an informative series of case studies setting out all the stages of building a modern sustainable family home, which we were fortunate enough to have a played a small part in.