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Leak Detection in Podiums and Terrace Roofs

Leak Detection in Podiums and Terrace Roofs relates to situations where finishes are applied onto waterproofing, eg tiles, paving slabs, even garden areas (green roofs).

For these, we take a structured approach to leak detection, taking each element in order. The waterproofing would be tested first by a selected process which depends on the conditions encountered. If that proves satisfactory, each structural element is then addressed in turn.

Electronic testing may be possible to identify where the membrane has been breached but, as this can be described as an electrical earth leakage test, all extraneous earthing has to be eliminated or isolated, as a result of which the test can involve a great deal of preparatory work, depending on finishes.

At Thornton Consulting, we prefer to carry out preliminary proving tests to determine if it is indeed the waterproofing that is at fault, before proceeding with more complex and costly testing.

Podium / Terrace Leak Detection
Podium / Terrace Leak Detection