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Borescope inspections are an important part of property maintenance and can be used as part of a building leak investigation survey to identify potential problems before they become major issues. These inspections are non-destructive and involve using a small camera on a rigid probe to look inside areas that are otherwise difficult or impossible to access, such as the wall cavities. Knowing when to carry out borescope inspections can help property owners and managers stay ahead of maintenance issues and avoid costly repairs.

One key time to apply this method of leak investigation is to establish the integrity of cavity trays where an internal leak appears to be associated with brickwork above. During these inspections, Thornton Consulting’s experienced field testers will use a borescope to look for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks, leaks or other damage, that could indicate the source of the leak.

A borescope inspection can also be invaluable to establish the presence or type of insulation within a cavity wall or be part of an inspection to establish the overall performance of the insualtion when combined with other test methods.

Thornton Consulting also use flexible inspection cameras to establish the integrity of other restricted or inaccessible areas within the building.  This can be beneficial during renovation or construction projects to identify any issues that could affect the success of the project, such as blockages or water infiltration. Inspections can also be carried out after completion to ensure that everything is functioning properly and to identify any defects that may have been overlooked during the construction process.

Borescope inspections can be also be expedient as part of a regular property maintenance checklist. By incorporating these inspections into a routine maintenance schedule, property owners can stay on top of potential problems and address them before they become major issues.

Thornton Consulting is a leading independent test house providing a comprehensive service for clients throughout the UK and Ireland. Liaising closely with clients prior to a site inspection enables a systematic approach in resolving any leak-related issues.  Call us today on 01342 410508 or, if preferred, use the contact form to get in touch.