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Leak Detection for
Leaking Roof, Wall or Basement

Electronic Leak Detection

Thornton Consulting is an independent test house undertaking integrity testing of newly installed waterproofing systems.

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Leak Investigation

We specialise in locating and analysing leaks in buildings and other waterproof structures, whether they originate in the roof or other elements of the building envelope, as well as leaks or dampness in service floors, basements and water pipes.

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A wide range of test methods.

Electronic Testing

Thornton Consulting was the first UK consultancy to offer this service, starting in early 1987. The process was also adopted early on as a method for confirming the waterproofing integrity of membranes.

Buildings Leaks Investigation

At Thornton Consulting, we have developed an extensive range of procedures incorporating a number of test methods to accurately establish the source of leaks in different aspects of the building envelope and beyond

Roof Condition Surveys

A roof condition survey of an aged flat roof is an invaluable tool for assessing its current performance and condition and can then provide pointers as to the remaining projected lifespan.

Infra Red Thermography

This is a very useful diagnostic method of establishing breaks in the insulation in buildings, as it detects temperature loss through wet or damaged insulation. Where leaks occur, therefore, it can have a beneficial effect in tracing them.

"Thanks for the work carried out and the subsequent report. Sam and Dave were 1st class."

JamesComplete Building Services Ltd

"My sincere thanks for your expertise and professionalism so clearly demonstrated throughout this episode. The report and close out is just the job and I’ll look forward to engaging you on another project as soon as the words ‘flat roof’ are mentioned!"


"It was a pleasure working with the lads on site last Friday. Very professional."

SamPJ Carey (Contractors) Ltd

"Just wanted you to know that Sam and Dave were excellent and very considerate and professional contractors."


Many thanks for your great service and a quick turnaround

RichardMacLennan UK

We have found a great company in Thornton's. They meet all of our expectations as well as our clients and we are proud to be partnered with Wendy and the team!

AlexSmart Property Development Ltd

Thanks for this. The whole service from quote to report has been excellent!

StuartAlchemist DB

Great service - I would recommend Thornton without hesitation!


Highly professional and fast acting company. We use TCG on all our contracts,

WiliamTilbury Contracts Ltd

Very professional, informative and responsive advice.

JohnWorkman LLP

Extremely professional, prompt and reliable!!!

EamonJet Constructive Building Ltd

“I am really grateful that we have been able to identify the issue in our basement and reassuringly know that we can fix the problem and equally hold someone accountable for it so I am very happy. You’re an impressive bunch!”

R. Coltart – Marylebone